The Project

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The HYPSTAIR project concerns the design of components of a serial hybrid propulsion system for small aircraft. A serial hybrid propulsion system uses an electric motor to drive the propeller.
The electrical power can be sourced either from a battery pack, that can be recharged during the flight, or from an on-board fuel powered generator. This propulsion system will enable future small aircraft to operate with lower emissions, lower fuel consumptions, thus reducing the environmental impact and travel costs of the aviation. The project deals with the conceptual design of the hybrid propulsion system components. The components will be sized and designed considering the performance and energy efficiency of the complete airframe-propulsion system, and will be tested in a laboratory environment. A dedicated human-machine interface will be designed allowing simple operation of a complex hybrid system.  Together with the reliability of electric motors and use of dual energy sources, the system built upon these components will improve the safety of flying. The design of all components will comply with the safety and certification standards. As currently no regulations for aviation hybrid drive systems exist, defining these standards, in collaboration with the authorities, will be an important contribution of the project paving the way for introduction of hybrid and electric technologies to the market. These efforts will help to create a competitive supply chain for the hybrid drive components and to reduce the time to market of such innovations.