In the scope of AERO Friedrichshafen 2014 (Germany), HYPSTAIR project partners in cooperation with ASTM international implemented a workshop, which took place on 8th April 2014. Main theme of the workshop was “Certification requirements of components for electric aircrafts”. Workshop was divided into two sessions, hosted by the project partners’ representatives and experts.

28 participants from 7 countries of the world visited the workshop and tried to establish a pathway to first milestones of certification requirements for electric aircraft. According to their statements, it was a great success.

Workshop started with the project presentation and continued with the open discussion about all the project fields presented. The objective of the workshop was to bring the electric aircraft industry together, from regulators, researchers, and manufacturers/designers to discuss the development and validation of hybrid propulsion system components and sub-systems for electrical aircraft.

Mr. Veble (Pipistrel) officially opened the workshop and handed the word to Mrs. Makowska (Siemens), who presented their ultra-light weight integrated drive trains for aircraft. The session continued with a presentation of Mr. Rodič (University of Maribor) about HIL in electric motor control testing and dynamic emulation of Mechanical Loads. Mr. Cipolla and Mr. Oliviero (University of Pisa) carried presentation of performance advantages of hybrid-powered aeroplanes. Mr. Pinucci and Mr. Bariocchetti (MBVision) explained the main issues of HMI and standardization processes in the Graphic User Interfaces. The first session was closed by Mr. Tomažič (Pipistrel) introducing ASTM activity.

First session served as an introductory phase of certain hybrid propulsion components in order to lead the debate focused on certification process in the second session into the right direction.

Second session was opened with a contribution of Mr. Ronig (EASA) who delivered a speech about state-of-the-art in certification of electric and hybrid-electric aircraft. Mr. Gunnarson (Zee.Aero) presented regulatory overview of electric flying.

Mr. Tomažič opened a discussion on authority support for certification of innovative components. After the discussion, Mr. Bauer (AirPlan) talked about HEPU regulatory requirement assessment selection process proposal.

Workshop concluded with establishment of means of support and definition of deliverable for Milestones, led by Mr. Tomažič.

Posted on April 22nd