Creactivity 2014


Crea©tivity is an event dedicated to design (training, innovation, transfer of technologies and knowledge) reaching its XIª edition, organized by Fondazione Piaggio, the Pontadera municipal council, Pont-Tech, MBVision, ISIA Firenze, ISIA Roma, Palazzo Spinelli for Art and Restoration, LABA Florence, Modartech Institute, historically sponsored by AFAM – Ministry of Education, University and Research, Tuscany Region, Province of Pisa, ELIA (European League of the Institutes of Arts) and ADI (Association for Industrial Design, Tuscan Delegation).

Facts and figures
A few figures regarding he event, taken from the past editions:

– 9000 students, teachers, professionals, researchers
– 2287 participants in the workshops
– 79 University colleges (Italy, China, Holland, Belgium, France, Iceland, Romania, Austria, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Finland, Norway).
– 24 art schools and schools specializing in art subjects.
– 110 international designers, planners, teachers and guests from business companies, professional studios, universities and research centres.

Topic of edition Creactivity 2014: 3D Printing & Digital Design

Is it correct to define the 3D printing the third industrial revolution?

The evolution of these technologies make the world of 3D printing in constant development. The field of prototyping, digital handicraft, service, printers and community of makers change the relationship between designer and product, idea and material. The goal of Creactivity 2014 is to compare different fields like academic world, community and company; in order to have a complete point of view of these changes.


> WorkOut

Every edition hosts the appointment with WorkOut, a workshop for young creative talents open to students from schools of higher education and universities, but also to whoever wants to test themselves with unexpected and contemporary design subjects: four areas and two days of non-stop work, accompanied by a group of professionals and teachers of great renown, produce a creativity that focuses on the free expression of design.

> Keynote
A micro-conference by experts in the field: designers, planners, managers and teachers. Carefully concentrated, effective and concrete, the speakers open by talking about their work on the themes covered in the event, using detailed presentations of case histories and focusing on their approach to design in terms of design philosophies and solutions. For the students and those enrolled in the workshops, these become part brainstorming and part briefing and range from creative stimulation to a subtle design of guidelines for project making.

> Round-table discussions
Open to professionals, business companies, teachers and students, these discussions offer an interchange in design. Comparisons and investigations into design and its variations that swing from the spheres of social design to projects dedicated to more transversal sectors, like information technology, nautical design and the presentation of innovative materials and technology to new models of teaching and training. Surrounded by the fervent atmosphere of the event inside the Museum, the speakers discuss subjects of great importance and can thus experiment with new connections and exchanges of experience.

> Pecha Kucha Night

The evening’s innovative nature comes from its basic formula that closely governs the presentations made by the participants. It is based on a 20×20 format: during the evening – which starts at 8.20pm – 20 speakers are given the chance to describe their work and give examples of it with 20 slides that are each shown for 20 seconds only. The total time allowed is therefore 6 minutes and 40 seconds per person and the time is marked off by a gong that calmly indicates when the microphone must be passed on to the next speaker. Descriptions are therefore clear, fast and direct and given at a well-paced and winning rhythm. The spirit of the evening is like that of the network, with a contamination of different ideas, sectors and knowledge. A break and bar service between the first and second part of the event add to the informal atmosphere.

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