HYPSTAIR workshop in Erice

HYPSTAIR project entered into its final stage, counting down its last 6 months. To this point, a lot of progress was made and many issues solved. Consortium was finally ready to share some development insights to the interested audience. For that manner, second workshop was organized on 3th September 2015 in Erice, Sicily in the framework of the »64th Workshop: Variational analysis and aerospace engineering III: Mathematical challenges for a new aviation«, which traditionally invites professionals and stakeholders from around the world.

Second HYPSTAIR workshop held a title: »Current State of Art in Hybrid Propulsion Components and Future Developments«. Programme of the workshop was based on the presentations of consortium members and their lessons learned during the project. In order to deliver quality in-depth view on the topics, consortium invited also few external experts from the field. Beside project partners also Dr. Josef Kallo and Dr. Björn Nagel from German Aerospace Centre – DLR, and Dr. Luciano Demasi from San Diego State University took an active part at the workshop.

Themes of the workshop covered state-of-the art of development of hybrid propulsion systems, their advantages and components, fuel cells as battery alternative, functional safety requirements and approaches of quantifying the impact of future technologies. Second part of the workshop was dedicated firstly to challenges of hybrid propulsion system and twin engine concept. University of Psa presented flight simulator model of hybrid aircraft. This segment incorporated also specifics of the HYPSTAIR project, namely HMI and haptic solutions for hybrid aircraft.

Agenda of the workshop is available here.IMG_8756

Posted on September 16th